VERTU Signature


Vertu creates phones for discerning individuals who demand the best in everything they buy. The product of years of development, each Vertu is a complex masterpiece. It combines the finest materials with the highest traditions of craftsmanship. While other phones are mass produced by the millions, a Vertu is hand-built in England, one at a time. Inevitably, Vertu can only make such phones in very limited numbers: each one is rare, precious and highly exclusive.

     Vertu has always been in a class of its own. Born from a pioneering vision to create the world's first luxury phone, it has been driven by a relentless obsession with perfection ever since. Today, it is recognised as the pinnacle of mobile phone excellence in more than 50 counties around the world. Backed by the unrivalled technology and resources of Nokia, yet fiercely independent, it has built a reputation for quality second to none, even among the finest luxury goods.


VERTU Signature S Design Gold

Vertu Signature S Design Silver

VERTU Signature Gold & Platinum

VERTU Signature Gold Polished

VERTU Signature Stainless Steel Matte

VERTU Signature Stainless Steel or Yellow Gold


VERTU Signature Cobra Boucheron Limited Edition


VERTU Signature Cobra Boucheron Limited Silver Edition

VERTU Signature Python Gold

VERTU Signature Python Platinum