Princess SAADONG


Puteri said Saadong government ended in approximately the 18-century to, at the end of the end-of government does not directly referred to any good history book is also, even the stories from the oral-population country Kelantan is not found, I also satisfied exploring land overlooks Kelantan, to the village-a village in the remote and had to be menajalankan I also study at the hill where the flare end of Princess Saadong I met does not reside materials that can help mengesan circle the following history.

By the end of the King Abdul Rahim government that replaced the King Abdullah City in Mahligai and also the government in Bukit Puteri Saadong flare then appear in the government Jembal, namely the government of Sultan Umar (Umar King), this is the younger brother of the King Loyor, and the rank of the father's brother also to the Princess Saadong.

Government of this said, began in 1675, has some of the son and daughter, eldest son of the King called the dirajakan small Solong in the City Terrace (near the village of Kampung Teras Mentuan), a prince again called Raja Ngah Mightiness or also called the King Hudang ruled in the High Tebing vortex Fruit (Kampung Tanjung Chat), a daughter of Sultan Umar called Pah King has also berkahwin with Mr Big Long Bahar a son of the king who came from the Patani (in Thai land).

Mr Big on Long Bahar also according Activity cetera Kelantan written by Royal Highness Raja Kelantan Datuk Nik Mahmud bin Wan Ismail is the son of the eternal ataudisebut Datuk Pangkalan Old, king of the land that farmers zuriatnya come from the descendants of the children of King Bugis Paqih named Ali.

Tuan Besar Long Bahar have some relatives that is Solong Kelantan Tuan, Tuan Senik Genting and Datuk Sand Farmer. Because of a dispute by the family of Mr Long Bahar was to wander Negeri Kelantan brought together with a son named Solomon Long, Long, and in Kelantan for berkahwin also the daughter of Pah King Sultan Umar, and Mr Long Bahar move of opening a place to be Kota Kubang Labu name (in New Endowments now).

In year 1721 the Sultan Umar has mangkat Mightiness and this is also called the king held or Shrimp makamnya which there is this period in the paddy field area around &127; &127; &127; &127; approximately two-chain away from the school Kebangsaan Store Lowest fly, as well as Bahar kekanda Majesty the King who ruled Jembal the mangkat in the year 1675 the king held the tail makamnya there are now dikampung Tok goat, Mukim Often near Kota Bharu.

With the demise of Sultan Umar tomb of the eldest son of King named Small Solong the current rule in the City Terrace does not want to take over the government in the Jembal from ayahndanya, and also with the approval of iparnya ago was the younger brother of Mr Long Bahar became king in Jembal, and with Kota Kubang Labu was submitted to the government of a son named Solomon Long, the son of this is from the wife of the Patani.

When the government Jembal and also the government in the City of Kubang Labu surrendered to the government of Mr Long and son of Bahar berakhirlah one of the ranking of government comes from the sacred zuriat King who ruled Jembal, and is also ranked in the zuriat descended from Lord of the Long Baharlah rule Jembal Kota Kubang Labu also descended from the Great Long Tuan Bahar is also originally the kings who ruled Negeri Kelantan until now.

In 1977 and so on until years later that I had run the study on the fly around the Store that is located approximately 7 miles from the croupier Kota Bharu, in the village cemetery terletaknyamakam-Loyor King, which is ayahnda Princess Saadong, according to stories from people -villagers around I found that in a past when there are some people who came to Siam dig graves, the Siamese is kononya dreamed that the tomb is located sebilah keris which is considered sacred or have any supernatural power, so I was told once when disuatu there are people stealing serpihan stone nisannya made of marble stone, a few days and then returned back serpihan that, according to people who take serpihan that it is often a frightening dream disturbed.

Makam Sultan Umar Shrimp or trust also has some, this cemetery is located not far from Masjid Store fly, when I pay a visit to the tomb I find there is a large stone paving stone which is called adjacent to a cemetery, the people around the village have to believe that the stone have supernatural powers, along the stone three feet wide and two feet more or less, thickness about six inches (6 inches), which does not dare take any stone even though the stone hemah I made a very good wash cloth clothes I believe the stone is used to create binaan grave, may be not sufficient because the size of the left simply ago.

I've also pay a visit a cemetery in Kampung Tok Goat ie approximately sebatu fly away from the Store, the cemetery is known as the tomb of King or the King Ekor Bahar, there are grave binaan made of stone pejal, really interesting because there is a carving of terpahat , is carving depicts a bird (perhaps Bangau Birds) are very menghairankan because I usually do not describe the Islamic burial objects saperti living animal-animal.

Chisel-shaped bird that usually have influence-the influence of the north of the country, especially China (covering countries in the Indo-China), there is the King Ekor a king who comes from the Indo-China or maybe a stone tomb is in the deliberately be incused Chempa (Republic Khamer) in the time period is the first ever to become a kingdom of the time and the influence of Islam. This is a matter experts yng investigators must also run a more in-depth study of, seelok-eloknya review also kenegri-land in the Indo-China to see the tomb-Islamic graveyard in the first period there were many in the country, dapatlah comparison is made with the cemetery tomb-kings Jembal located in Kelantan, especially the tomb of King Ekor still mesteri.

Princess SAADONG killed because HUSBAND jealous.

Catitan Ibn Batutah about the country called Kilu-shade is less clear, both on location and also the country's style of government which is called the King Women Urd-uja that, is a very complicated matter that can dikesan by history experts.

With so little information that we can not give the words that drop out Kilu-awning that is the actual shade of Kuala Negeri Kelantan are in now, however even though this matter can be resolved if there are experts that history truly unique about the investigation these things.

From some of the information that is obtained based on the tale-tale from the old and the other catitan history, Negeri Kelantan is the act existed berteraskan the Islamic religion in approximately 15 to the early centuries, the king said at first that can be ruled Kelantan dikesan Maharaja is also called K'Umar or K'Umar King, the sire is about the year of our Lord 1411, does not know where the location of the central government, local history Some experts believe the government center is located on the island of Sabar, which is an island located in the middle river border with Kelantan in Kampung sea, the island was submerged.

After the government also appears K'Umar Sultan Iskandar, the end of the year 1465 BC destroyed by the War Forces Siam (Thai), and more kononnya of Kelantan has 100,000 people can be brought kenegeri thralled and Siam, it is not known about the fate king is there Mightiness mangkat in Siam or dihantar also home to Kelantan.

Approximately in the year 1477 BC a force of war Malacca ruled by Sultan Mahmud has come and attack the Kelantan, Sultan Mansur was the Sultan of Kelantan can thralled, as well as three-thralled third daughter of the Princess Unang brow, and Cuban Cubak. Unang daughter brow is the most graceful and diperisterikan by Sultan Mahmud Shah, the Sultan Mansur Shah after the claim is subject to the government of Malacca ago was appointed to be the sultan of Kelantan, Kelantan since the country as a colony dikira feudatory Melaka.

Sultan Mansur Shah mangkat in approximately the year of our Lord 1526, the son of the crest has been called the King appointed a government Kelantan, reside on the island of patience also, in the year 1548 King crest was not mangkat with meningggalkan zuriat, by the children of a brother named Raja Ahmad has been appointed into government Kelantan, title of Sultan Ahmad, according to some historical primer Sultan Ahmad has a very lovely daughter named Princess Cik Wan Kembang, and when the daughter of Sultan Ahmad mangkat again this is still small, and dill; antique aeorang children king of Johor who called the king of King Husain manage the title of Sultan Husain.

Sultan Husain who ruled Kelantan mangkat is told in the year 1610, with the then constituted Cik wan Kembang become Kelantan government. Raja Kelantan women said this move Sabar's Island to a place very far to be in the Mount Sailendra Love (located approximately 27 miles to the southeast Kuala sunblind).


Mightiness Why move so far from the Kelantan river canyon is one of the truly bizarre, usually the government of kings in the days of old is to select the places that border the river, because sungailah the road and into a relationship when it is important.

It should be also on the mind of the king that women place more peaceful and safe from what the outside interference, especially interference from the government once the Siam is considered teragung when the power is.

In the same period in the era of government Cik Wan Kembang, or merchant-traders in the Arab nations called Cik Siti (Cik Siti Kembang wan), then in Negeri Kelantan existed longer a government act which is in Jembal (Store now fly which is approximately 6 miles from the croupier Kota Bharu). king who ruled there Loyor son named Raja Raja Sakti who came from Kedah.

Some experts have argued that local history Loyor berkahwin King Namng Cayang with the king seoarang Pattani women who fled to Kelantan, the marriage of their daughter who obtain a given &127; name Saadong Princess, Princess Saadong this is then taken by Cik Siti Wan Kembang angkatnya a child, because of my own does not have any children. Daughter Saadong also berkahwin denban cousin named King Abdullah and King Abdullah has been appointed to be king in the place called Print (Pasir Mas in the colony). Not long there move King Abdullah also reside in the City Mahligai (Melor now in the Region).

After King Abdullah and Princess Saadong berkerajaan in the City Mahligai, then Cik Siti Wan Kembang was sit back in the Mountain Chicken, after it found no more stories about Cik Siti Wan Kembang Mightiness did move to another place or mangkat in place.

Memanglah one of which is difficult to mengesantentang position where semayam Cik Siti Wan Kembang actually, because the country's Kelantan terdapatdua fruit mountain called Gunung Ayam, a located approximately 17 miles west to the Cave of a wolf, mountain, at 2,945 feet, are located too dirimba far run a very difficult investigation, a more Gunung Ayam located near the border of Terengganu which is approximately 15 miles to the northeast of Kuala sunblind, mountain at 2674 feet, terletaknya too far away to the jungle. Gunung Ayam, which became a place of central government and Cik Siti Wan Kembang.

When I pay a visit graves of Mr Tabal or stem body Tuan Hajj Muhammad bin Abdul-I, a prominent developer of Islam in the country's famous Kelantan, who died in the year 1891 and dimakamkan and Banggul in the cemetery, the road to Pantai Cahaya Bulan (Beach passion ), I also was told by Encik Abdul Rahman bin Nik Dir Nik who guides me to the cemetery that is not how far from the graves of Mr Tabal, there is an old cemetery which is very pretty, built of stone and carved pejal also, graves are those Banggul The call Cik Siti, I also have grave, the conclusion of the study, I was not more grave suspicion is a grave of an old woman from the offspring of kings or great men, and sculpture on binaan makamnya sculpture that depicts almost persamaannya with burial in the tomb-jembal and also the graves in the cemetery-permakaman royal Langgar, there is the actual tomb Cik Siti Wan Kembang is one of the very interesting and need to be made a more thorough study.


Based on the burial ground Banggul I believe is a land of a very old cemetery, burial ground may have been used beratus hundreds of years past, in the graveyard Banggul it will also show us the various types of form-like stone that odd-odd and some are engraved and marked verses Quiran a very beautiful and interesting.

By the end of Cik Siti Wan Kembang dikesan that can not be at the end of his reign, the government of King Abdullah muncullah in the City Mahligai.

Government of King Abdullah in the year ended in 1671 when the sire mangkat killed by his wife Princess Saadong, and also constitute Saadong Puteri Raja Rahim child rule of King Abdullah City Mahligai. Not long after the reign of Raja Rahim and then also killed by the people at the Tasik Lelayang Bathroom. With the demise of King Rahim berakhirlah the government act in the City Mahligai.

Perhaps the story of Princess Saadong thralled and has long been to bring in Siam (Thailand) which is of the when-in violation of the Siam came Kelantan time they initially berkahwin and reside in the City Mahligai, after several years in Siam Princess Saadong, Mightiness in hantar back to Kelantan. Would terkejutnya Princess Saadong found that when her husband King Abdullah has berkahwin other, the validity of the tail itulh fracas and ended with the demise of King Abdullah pacak hairpin stab his wife.

jawaban jeni 3 servlet 71,78%

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1. Perhatikan elemen data berikut ini, pilihan mana yang paling tepat memetakan servlet?





2. Manakah diantara pilihan berikut ini, yang digunakan oleh Servlet Container untuk me-maintain informasi session?


hidden form fields

HTTPS protocol information#

URL rewriting#

3. Parameter manakah yang di terima oleh method HttpRequest.setDateHeader(*parameter*)?




tidak ada yang benar#

4. Manakah diantara pilihan di bawah ini, yang akan menginialisasikan sebuah stream untuk mengirim text ke browser?

PrintWriter out = response.getWriter();#

OuputStream out = response.getStream();

OutputReader out = response.getStream();

ServletWriter out =response.getWriterStream();

StreamWriter out = response.getStreamWriter();

5. Apa yang akan di cetak dari kode berikut jika Web Server baru saja di jalankan dan kode tersebut adalah halaman pertama yang di panggil oleh server?

Kode tidak akan di compile

Kode akan mencetak Session Id#

Akan terjadi NullPointerException dikarenakan method getSession(false) menghasilkan nilai null yang disebabkan oleh tidak ada session yang terbuat sebelumnya

Tidak mencetak apapun pada halaman

6. Bagaimana cara mengatur MIME type dari sebuah HTTPServletResponse?

Method setMimeType dari HTTPServletResponse .

Code tidak dapat diatur, melainkan oleh browser.

Method setResponseType dari HTTPServletResponse.

Method setContentType dari HTTPServletResponse.#

7. Tersedia form HTML yang memuat code berikut ini

Asumsikan bahwa myservlet merupakan implementasi dari HTTPServlet. Jika code dijalankan pada browser dan tombol Submit ditekan, method apakah yang akan dipanggil di dalam myservlet.






8. Metodologi mana yang tidak tepat digunakan untuk session management?


Object HttpSession

Hidden values#

Object ServletContext

9. Manakah pernyataan yang benar dibawah ini?

method sendRedirect hanya dapat memproses sebuah URL absolut sebagai sebuah parameter.

Setelah method sendRedirect dipanggil, browser akan secara otomatis mengembalikan URL yang asli.

jika method sendRedirect dipanggil setelah melakukan response, maka sebuah exception akan dilempar.#

sendRedirect adalah sebuah method dari class HttpServletResponse.#

sendRedirect adalah sebuah method dari class HttpServletRequest.

10. Method mana yang dipanggil ketika sebuah context di-inisialisasi?

contextInitialized(ServletContextEvent e)#

contextInitial(ServletContext e)

contextInitialize(ServletContext e)

contextInitialize(ServletContextEvent e)

11. Diketahui /buku sebagai context sebuah aplikasi web. Pada direktori mana, anda akan menemukan sebuah file BukuApp.war?





12. Perhatikan method berikut ini, mana yang akan menghasilkan satu nilai atau lebih, yang ditentukan oleh sebuah object request?

getParameter(String name)#

getAttribute(String name)#




13. Method mana yang digunakan untuk mendapatkan nilai dari parameter nama yang ada di dalam tag init-param?

getParameter(String nama)#

getInitParameter(String nama)


tidak ada yang benar

14. Pernyataan mana yang benar mengenai method BodyTagSupport.doInitBody?

Method tersebut digunakan JSP Container, dan tidak dapat di override

Method tersebut dapat di override jika perlu#

Return value method tersebut adalah SKIP_BODY ataupun EVAL_BODY_INCLUDE

Return type method tersebut adalah void#

15. Manakah diantara exception berikut ini, yang didefinisikan oleh Servlet API?





16. Perhatikan code HTML dibawah ini.

Asumsikan bahwa myservlet merupakan implementasi dari HTTPServlet, manakah diantara method dari request object berikut ini, yang dapat digunakan untuk mendapatkan value dari parameter bernama param, ketika form di-submit.






17. Method mana yang me-return sebuah enumerasi dari semua parameter inisialisasi dan value-nya?




tidak ada yang benar

18. Pada direktori mana, anda akan menemukan file index.html? (diketahui bahwa /mobil sebagai context-nya)





19. Di dalam API servlet, method berikut di definisikan oleh interface yang mana?





tidak ada yang benar#

20. Manakah diantara pilihan berikut ini, yang merupakan nama dari cookie yang digunakan oleh Servlet Container untuk me-maintain informasi session?





21. Manakah diantara method berikut ini, yang didefinisikan oleh interface RequestDispatcher?





22. Untuk menciptakan sebuah Applet, seorang programmer mendapatkan class-nya dari java.applet.Applet. Manakah diantara method berikut yang akan dicari oleh JVM, saat instance dari class diciptakan?





23. Manakah diantara method di bawah ini, yang akan mendapatkan sebuah value dari HTTP header?

Method getHeader(String name) dari GenericServlet.

Method getHeader(String name) dari HttpsServlet.

Method getHttpHeader(String name) dari HttpServletRequest.

Method getHeader(String name) dari HttpServletRequest.#

Method getHeader(String name) dari HttpServletResponse.

24. Manakah pernyataan yang benar di bawah ini?

Method service hanya dipanggil saat pertama kali servlet dieksekusi.

Method service dipanggil setiap kali servlet memproses sebuah request.#

Method service dipanggil oleh container setelah method helper(contoh : doGet dan doPost).

Method service hanya dipanggil saat memproses request HTTP POST.

25. Manakah diantara event listener berikut ini, yang didefinisikan oleh Servlet API?





26. Perhatikan URI request berikut ini, mana diantara pilihan berikut ini yang paling sesuai mendefinisikan context path?




Informasi yang disediakan tidak cukup untuk menentukan jawaban

27. Interface yang memberikan akses ke method getParameterNames() adalah?





28. Manakah pernyataan yang benar di bawah ini?

Method init dipanggil setiap kali sebuah method service Servlet dijalankan.#

Method init dipanggil oleh container ketika ditempatkan ke dalam method service.

Method init tidak dapat di-overriding karena ber-modifier final.

ketika container dihentikan, maka container akan memanggil method undeploy dari servlet yang sedang berjalan.

ketika container dihentikan, maka container akan memanggil method destroy dari servlet yang sedang berjalan.#

29. Manakah method dibawah ini yang berasal dari class HttpServletRequest?

String getCookie(String name)

Cookie getCookie(String name)

Cookie[] getCookies()#

String[] getCookies()

30. Mana diantara pilihan berikut ini yang tidak benar?

doGet() digunakan untuk menangani request HTTP GET

doPost() digunakan untuk menangani request HTTP POST

doPut() digunakan untuk menangani request HTTP PUT

doHead() digunakan untuk menangani request HTTP HEAD#

tidak satupun dari pilihan di atas

31. Pada kondisi default, berapa banyak instance dari servlet yang diciptakan oleh Servlet Container?


Satu di setiap request

Satu di setiap session

Tidak satupun

32. Jika sebuah instance dari class File diciptakan untuk merepresentasi sebuah file, dimana file itu tidak ada sebelumnya, maka file tersebut akan diciptakan.



33. Panggilan mana yang dapat menyebabkan server menghasilkan error page secara otomatis?




response.sendError(404, "file tidak ada");

34. Mana diantara pernyataan berikut ini yang tidak benar?

Apabila method doHead() yang ada di dalam HttpServlet belum mengalami override, method tersebut akan menjalankan method doGet#

Request HEAD tidak memiliki method doHead()#

Sebuah request GET akan memanggil method doHead(), baru kemudian memanggil method doGet()

Sebuah request HEAD hanya akan me-return header-nya sebagai sebuah response

35. Pernyataan manakah yang benar dari kode JSP berikut?

Tidak akan di compile#

Kode tersebut benar dan akan mencetak variable dengan nama name

Kode tersebut benar, dan akan selalu mencetak nilai null

Kode tersebut akan bekerja bila anda membuat sebuah javabean class yang hanya memiliki satu buah variable dengan tipe java.lang.String

36. Dalam hal apakah dibenarkan (dan wajib) untuk menyertakan ekstensi .class?

findAncestorWithClass(this, MyTagHandler.class )#


37. Manakah diantara method di bawah ini yang tidak didefinisikan di dalam interface Servlet?





38. Manakah diantara object di bawah ini, yang dilewatkan ke method service() dari servlet?





39. Perhatikan code HTML di bawah ini

Method dari HelloServlet manakah, yang akan dipanggil jika sebuah link ditekan?






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Flute powerful

In the days of old, there is a weekend which is very small beautiful hill located at the foot. Weekend in the know Hamelyn. Population is living in the weekend with a secure peace, but their attitude is not concerned about the cleanliness. Weekends are full with the leavings. They throw garbage in the uniform of the weekend has become the breeding ground rat. The day more and more mice multiply the weekend is filled by rat-mouse.

Rat-mouse with the many stray in the weekend. Each house mouse-rat moves freely without feeling fear humans. Population in this weekend to try to defend the herd cats and rats is between them springe but not impressive because too many mice. They were really hard-hearted and die rationally how to eliminate the rat-mouse.

Musing overwrite the weekend has been widespread to-last weekend on the other until one day a young man who is not known to come to the weekend and offer respect to dispel all the mice with the requirements of these weekends to pay the wages of two top level chip wang mas everyone. Population in the weekend talking to each other over their bids before the youth. There diatara they do not agree because they are not able to pay wages that are very expensive. After talking with the length they ultimately agree to pay wages as required by the youth because they have no other choice.

The decision is to understand the youth before, and he issued a magic flute and blow it. The sound of the flute out of it is very tuneful and mengasik whoever heard of. Rat-mouse that is dimerata place in the first weekend is out and gathered around it. Youth before walking slowly while blowing magic flute and go to a river far from the weekend. When the young man on the river earlier and continue to enter all followed by a mouse. Rat-mouse yesteryear can not swim in the river and they suffocate.

Now Hamelyn weekend was free of attacks and the rat population will be happy with. When the young man earlier promises, residents are reluctant to pay the wages that were promised because they regard the work made by young people is not retroactive wage commensurate with the requested because only breathe with the flute only. Youth enraged ago before he menuipkan flute saktinya again. The rhythm out of the flute was very enticing a child all the children gathered around him. After all the children gathered earlier youth breathe while running and flute, followed by all children. Youth bring a child is out of the weekend Hamelyn. After Mother Father realize that they will lose their children, they begin to feel anxious because the child has left them and the youth line. Youth before they pursue and persuade rather than to stop blowing flute and return back their children. Merka afford to give all property yamg have provided these young people to return their children.

Population not in the petition by the beautiful young people before they bring a child to go kesuatu where and when they show up there a cave with a sudden. Youth mesuk to earlier in the cave and followed by a child. After entering all of sudden I was missing from the magical and the views of the weekend. They can not do anything because they ignore the promise they made. Merka regret over the deeds but they have been delayed. Regret regret income first and then not useful.

So this day weekend Hamelyn people do not forget the error dilalukan by their fathers. Fulfill a promise is a strong grip on the charity by the weekend Hamelyn so that the population today.
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Make a gift of the daughter

In the days of old, a daughter living. His father is a king, a popular and very loved daughter is. Because the feeling that unfortunately, all the desire that their children will the board. If the girls ask for anything, then immediately gave his father the excess.

One day, the daughter asks for her father on the silk. Daughter's request was heard, the father immediately collect a silk merchant in the kingdom is, and one by one they put them in silk before, so the girls can choose easily.

At the time winter came, the daughter asks for spark ignition for the body. Simply collecting all the father carpenter is in the kingdom to collect firewood, They then light a fire, so that the body of the daughter is warm.

When the daughter wanted stars, then the father of the noble stone. They form a stone into the stars and a very beautiful sparkler.

One day, the girls walking in the palace garden. Suddenly he saw children who are poor gardener are flush flowers in the garden.

The girls look to the children gardener, and said, "Hey .., if you have any silk as I use this?", "Do you have a fireplace like that is in the house?", Ask the girls again, "And if you have the beautiful stars like this? You certainly do not have. Where can you get it all. You kan only child of a poor gardener. You do not have a father or brother of the king of princes. " Continue with the daughter proud.

Children gardener is still only hear the chatter and laugh, and the daughter does not respond. And since then, the girls often went to the park every day that he set out to have children in the gardener, and he will always say, "Do you have any silk as I use this?". "Do you have a fireplace like that is in the house?". "And if you have the beautiful stars like this?". "You certainly do not have. Where can you get it all. You kan only child of a poor gardener. You do not have a father or brother of the king of princes. "

And, children gardener is more and more silent and just smiled. He did not respond. However, at a time, he was responding to the attitude of the girls laughed and said, "Indeed ... I do not have a father and a king's brother does not have a prince ... I am only a child of poor gardener. I do not have silk as you use. I do not have a furnace, such as those in your room, and I also do not have a jewel like stars of your. But I have a very fine silk, I have fire red that does not sting, and I have a sparkler stars, all come together, and so one can walk together on the ground. He was far more beautiful from all that you have, in kind the child does not want to lose.

The girls surprised and astonished to hear children's speech gardener, and said in himself, "What is true is said that children gardener? He has a fine silk, red fire, which does not sting, and the stars sparkler, all of that into one and can be run together in the land? "Gumam the daughter. "While I have a silk, fire and stars that do not become one and can not run on the ground, and fire that have in house heat can burn and sting anyone who is nearby," thought the girl while brood.

Since the daughter heard the words of children gardener, he was always understand, and fancy a case such as that which is owned by the child's gardener.

Birthdays are close, and soon arrived. The grass on his father's daughter, "Father ... later years when I reset, I would like to gift a fine silk, fire, heat that does not sting, and the stars sparkler, all of that and so one can walk on land, the "fate of the daughter.

The king's great to hear whine ministry daughter and ordered to search for it. The minister also astonished and puzzled to hear the word of the king, and he requested an advisory opinion on the wisdom. Hear the words of the minister's also surprisingly wise, she thinks hard search query king answers. After long thinking, he said to the minister, "It is impossible that matter. May not have. Where there is fire, heat that does not sting? And very probably does not have silk, fire and stars come together so that one. Because the fire will burn the silk, and the stars will burn them. So what might all of them running together in the land? "The wonder of the ad visors.

The minister delivered what is said by advisers, and regret for not fulfilling the request of the daughter.

When the girls know that demand is not met, he fell ill and lie on the bed. He can not move with the light-footed as he always did when healthy. The panic and fear for the king to see the daughter's condition. Then he ask the physician to treat the palace daughter.

"Worship the king should be concerned about the circumstances of the daughter, because the pain will not can be treated meet demand with the exception," the palace physician advice.

The king confused the issue, he does not know what to do to meet the demand in order to recover from the daughter's illness.

Finally, the king created competition in all corners of the kingdom and the country. That its contents, who can meet the demand of the daughter will be given gifts of gold and a lot will be a prince.

All the people in the kingdom began to explore what is required by the daughter. Meanwhile, the kingdom of troops around from one place to another across the country with the same goal. However, they do not find what you want by the daughter.

On a night, children who are poor gardener before coming to the palace, and then deliver it to the palace guard that he had a gift for the daughter.

So the guard is immediately bring to meet with the daughter. Children gardener was smiling when I saw the daughter, and said, "Take this gift to the O daughter ...". Then he issued a cat petite and beautiful from the inside pocket he. And said, "Dogs like this feather him fine silk, talking like a red fire but does not sting, and his eyes glisten like stars. All gather and be a walk together on the ground. "

The girls laugh. He immediately took the cat, stroke feather him smooth as silk. He saw red as the talking fire, and he's eyes look beautiful and shine like stars in the sky shine off.

The girls hug and embrace the sweet cat he. The king is very happy to see the daughter was healed. Finally the king to give compensation to the children of the gardener and he was appointed as prince.

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jeni 3 servlet

mendaki gunung lewati lembah bersama teman bertualang servlet kemana kau sembunyi aku mencarimu. walaupun ke ujung dunia kamu aku ku cari awas ya kalo ketemu!!!!

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1. Apa itu JSF?

Framework untuk membangun userinterfase untuk aplikasi web

Framework untuk membangun userinterface untuk aplikasi desktop.

taglib untuk mengingat pada aplikasi web.

taglib untuk mengingat pada aplikasi web.

taglib untuk mengingat pada aplikasi web.

java server untuk menjalankan aplikasi web

2. Tidak ada protocol untuk pengaksesan random terhadap file, melalui HTPP.


3. Untuk menggunakan komponen validator kita hanya meregisternya dengan menggunakan tag?






Tag pada baris yang ketujuh ("..." merupakan baris ke-0) diatas berfungsi untuk?

menampilkan tulisan error

menampilkan pesan error

menampilkan tulisan password

menampilkan login form

5. Design pattern manakah yang paling sesuai dengan penjelasan di bawah ini?

"Pattern ini didesain untuk memiliki sebuah object yang dapat mengetahui bagaimana cara menghubungi semua service yang mungkin dibutuhkan oleh sebuah aplikasi.Pattern juga di desain untuk meminimalisir lalu lintas jaringan dan meningkatkan efisiensi komunikasi.
Ia sering digunakan bersama dengan pattern Business Delegate"

Model View Controller

Transfer Object

Business Delegate

Service Locator

6. Berikut ini adalah attribut yang tersedia pada ConverterDateTime kecuali ...




Script diatas merupakan script untuk mengkonfigurasikan converter yang telah kita buat.


8. Manakah diantara pilihan berikut ini, yang merupakan method dari class SimpleTagSupport?




9. Yang bukan validator standart JSF adalah...

Double Range Validator

Length Validator

Long Range Validator

Singel Validator

10. Manakah diantara pernyataan berikut yang benar?

Object pageContext adalah field dari class TagSupport.

Object pageContext dari class TagSupport memiliki method getRequest.

Object pageContext dari class TagSupport memiliki method getSession.

Object pageContext dapat digunakan oleh instance dari TagSupport melalui method getPageContext.

11. Tag yang diciptakan dengan meng-extend class SimpleTagSupport :

Tag tersebut memuat expression JSTL di dalam bagian body.

Tag tersebut tidak perlu didefinisikan dengan file TLD.

Tag tersebut tidak dapat memuat expression JSTL di dalam bagian body.

Tag tersebut tidak dapat memiliki sebuah bodycontent type dari JSP.

12. Manakah pernyataan yang benar di bawah ini?

Untuk mengkonfigurasi interface HttpSessionBindingListener, deployment descriptor harus menyertakan tag session-listener

Untuk mengkonfigurasi interface HttpSessionBindingListener, deployment descriptor harus menyertakan tag listener

Interface HttpSessionBindingListener menyediakan method sessionBound

Interface HttpSessionBindingListener menyediakan method valueBound

13. Syntax manakah yang paling tepat sebagai perintah taglib?






Tentukan nama blok diagram no 5!


Component Tree


15. Manakah pernyataan yang benar di bawah ini?

JSP Page secara otomatis menulis ulang URL jika cookies tidak tersedia, tidak ada code khusus yang dibutuhkan.

Untuk menulis ulang URL, method rewriteURL dari response harus dipanggil

Untuk menulis ulang URL, method encodeURL dari response harus dipanggil

Untuk menulis ulang URL, method rewriteURL dari session harus dipanggil

16. Dibawah ini adalah 3 cara untuk membuat kode validasi untuk mengecek ketepatan data kecuali ...

memperluas class dari komponen UI yang menerima masukkan kita sehingga kita dapat mengoverride metohd validasi.

membuat method validasi eksternal

membuat pemakaian validator kita secara terpisah, meregisternya dalam framework, kemudian diplug dalam komponen UI.

membuat pemakaian validator kita secara terpisah, meregisternya dalam framework, kemudian diplug dalam komponen UI.

Membuat method validasi internal dan kemudian di plug kedalam komponen UI.

17. Method yang harus kita buat harus mengikuti aturan-aturan berikut kecuali?

method harus dideklarasikan secara private, dengan return type void.

tidak ada batasan pada penamaan method

method harus membawa parameter pada urutan berikut FacesContext ctx, UIInput component, Object Value.

method harus dideklarisasikan untuk memberi ValidatorExeption

Manakah diantara pernyataan berikut ini yang benar mengenai findAncestorWithClass.

Menerima parameter yang menandakan level dari nesting yang harus dicari.

Digunakan untuk pengkoordinasian diantara tag yang saling bekerjasama.

Merupakan method dari class NestedTag.

Menerima parameter kedua dari nama class yang dicari (dengan ekstensi .class)

19. Dengan anggapan bahwa tag JSTL telah dikonfigurasi dengan benar, apa yang akan terjadi jika anda mencoba untuk meng-compile dan menjalankan page JSP berikut ini?

Compile time error, tag JSTL tidak dapat menggunakan EL expression

Compile time error, tag forEach tidak memiliki atribut varStatus

Compile error, JavaBeans tidak dapat dimanipulasi di dalam scriptlet

Compile berhasil dan menghasilkan output 1 Paul 2 Kathy 3 Frank

20. Manakah dari pernyataan berikut yang benar?

getParent adalah sebuah method dari class TagSupport.

getParent adalah sebuah method dari class SimpleTagSupport.

method getParent memiliki return type dari Object.

method getParent memiliki return type jspTag.

Manakah pernyataan yang benar di bawah ini?

Interval session time out hanya dapat diatur di dalam deployment descriptor, bukan di dalam code.

Interval session time out dapat diatur dalam deployment descriptor atau di dalam code.

tag session time out mengatur value interval time out dalam hitungan menit.

tag session time out mengatur value interval time out dalam hitungan detik

22. Elemen-elemen turunan dari elemen managed-bean adalah?





23. public void processAction(ActionEvent event). Apa yang bisa didapat dari object ActionEvent ini?

Mendapatkan kembali komponen yang dipakai oleh event.

membuang operasi logging.

mendapatkan kembali nama dari button atau link.

membuat object bisnis yang menampilkan fungsionalitasnya.

24. Manakah pernyataan yang benar di bawah ini?

Sebuah atribut session dapat menyimpan class atau primitive type

Sebuah atribut session disimpan dengan tipe Object

Sebuah atribut session hanya dapat berupa tipe data yang mengimplementasikan interface yang dapat diserialisasikan (serializeable interface)

Sebuah atribut session disimpan dengan memanggil method setSessionAttribute

25. Anda telah berhasil membangun dengan baik, sebuah web site yang dapat menerima kontribusi dari pengunjung. Tetapi, anda mulai menerima content yang tidak diinginkan dan anda diminta untuk mengetahui cara menghilangkan beberapa kata kunci tertentu misalnya viagra dan c# dan Microsoft. Manakah dari salah satu design pattern di bawah ini yang dapat digunakan untuk membantu menyelesaikan tugas tersebut?

Service locator

Abstract Factory

Transfer Object

Intercepting Filter

26. Diantara method berikut, manakah yang merupakan method dari interface HttpSessionListener?

27. Apakah pernyataan berikut ini benar atau salah?
"File tag tidak memiliki atribut yang dilewatkan"



28. context.getApplication().getViewHandler().createView(context, targetPage);
Potongan kode diatas termasuk pada Facescontext .....



Component Tree


30. Manakah diantara pernyataan berikut yang benar mengenai tag yang meng-extend terhadap class javax.servlet.jsp.tagext.TagSupport

EVAL_PAGE adalah return value default dari method doEndTag

Method doStartTag memiliki return type berupa void

SKIP_PAGE adalah return value dari method doEndTag

EVAL_PAGE adalah return value dari method doStartTag

Diantara tag JSTL berikut, manakah yang akan meng-encode sebuah URL untuk mendukung session ketika cookies tidak tersedia?





Layout manager manakah yang paling tepat, untuk menampilkan 12 component?






Perhatikan tag pada code berikut ini :

Taglib menggunakan sebuah TLD, seperti yang terlihat pada code berikut :

Dan sebuah JSP page yang mengakses tag tersebut,

Apakah yang akan terjadi ketika Anda mencoba mengakses page JSP?

Runtime error, bagian body pada tag bukan merupakan JSP code yang benar.

Output berupa sometext doStartTagdoEndTag.

Output berupa sometext aftertag.

Output berupa doStartTagdoEndTag.


Apa arti dari tag pada baris kelima diatas?

bahwa panjang password lebih dari atau sama dengan 4 karakter

bahwa password hanya bisa dimasukkan 4 karakter

bahwa panjang password tidak boleh lebih dari 4 karakter

bahwa panjang password lebih kecil dari 4 karakter.

34. Manakah pernyataan yang benar dibawah ini?

method sendRedirect hanya dapat memproses sebuah URL absolut sebagai sebuah parameter.

Setelah method sendRedirect dipanggil, browser akan secara otomatis mengembalikan URL yang asli.

jika method sendRedirect dipanggil setelah melakukan response, maka sebuah exception akan dilempar.

sendRedirect adalah sebuah method dari class HttpServletResponse.

sendRedirect adalah sebuah method dari class HttpServletRequest.

Ketika sebuah aplikasi memiliki baris berikut :
Thread usefulThread = new Thread();
Setelah baris di atas dieksekusi, manakah pernyataan yang benar berikut ini?

usefulThread sedang berada pada state runnable.

jika usefulThread.start() dipanggil,method run di dalam class Thread class akan dieksekusi.

UsefulThread tidak berguna.

usefulThread memiliki priority NORMAL_PRORITY.

36. Manakah pernyataan yang benar di bawah ini?

HttpSessionActivationListener adalah interface marker dan tidak menyediakan method.

HttpSessionActivationListener harus dikonfigurasi di dalam deployment descriptor melalui tag listener.

Interface HttpSessionActivationListener menyediakan dua method yaitu sessionDidActivate dan sessionWillPassivate.

HttpSessionActivationListener digunakan untuk mengawasi perpindahan session diantara JVM.


Dengan anggapan bahwa taglib yang membuat JSTL tersedia dalam page JSP adalah benar, apa yang terjadi jika anda mencoba untuk meng-compile page berikut ini?

Compile berhasil dan outputnya berupa pesan error dalam e.

Compile error, EL expression tidak dapat digunakan dengan variable JSTL.

Compile error, karena kurangnya tag try.

Compile berhasil, tetapi tidak ada output ketika runtime, karena tag out berada dalam tag catch .


Script diatas merupakan potongan dari file?





39. Desainer junior anda membawakan anda sebuah desain yang menyatuka
n html di dalam statement print dan anda memperhatikan bahwa business dan presentation logic tergabung menjadi satu. Anda memperhatikan bahwa hal ini dapat menghasilkan kesulitan ketika akan memodifikasi tampilan tanpa harus menyentuh business logic. Design pattern manakah yang dapat anda rekomendasikan untuk memisahkan presentation logic dengan business logic?

Front Controller

Business Delegate

Intercepting Filter

Model View Controller

40. Apa kegunaan ExternalContext pada FacesContext?

memberikan kita akses kelingkungan framework yang sedang berjalan.

membentuk akses baru.

memberhentikan akses yang sedang berjalan

membuat framework baru

41. Diantara pernyataan berikut ini, manakah yang benar mengenai file Tag?

File Tag harus disimpan di dalam directory WEB-INF.

Tidak harus menggunakan file tag untuk membuat descriptor deployment.

File Tag tidak memiliki akses ke object implisit lainnya.

File Tag harus disimpan dalam WEB-INFtags atau sub directory dari directory tersebut.

42. Diantara tag berikut, manakah yang merupakan syntax tag import JSTL yang benar?





43. Tag yang benar untuk membuat taglib validator adalah?





44. Salah satu dari tujuan utama Pattern ini adalah untuk meminimalisir lalu lintas jaringan. Hal ini dapat dilakukan pattern ini dengan cara menyediakan local representation dari sebuah remote object. Pattern ini sesuai dengan ide dari cache, misalnya sebuah area dimana data yang sering diakses, dapat disimpan untuk pengaksesan yang cepat. Manakah pattern yang dimaksud?

Transfer Object

Model View Controller

Business Delegate

Service Locator

45. Manakah diantara code berikut yang merupakan syntax JSTL yang benar?


Tentukan nama dari blok diagram no 4 diatas?



Component Tree


44. Cara membuat action handler pada JSF adalah ...

dengan menjadikan sebuah method javabean untuk bertindak sebagai actionhandler

dengan membuat sebuah class instans yang mengimplementasikan interface actionListener

dengan membuat sebuah fungsi yang bertindak sebagai actionHandler

dengan membuat interface baru.