Flute powerful

In the days of old, there is a weekend which is very small beautiful hill located at the foot. Weekend in the know Hamelyn. Population is living in the weekend with a secure peace, but their attitude is not concerned about the cleanliness. Weekends are full with the leavings. They throw garbage in the uniform of the weekend has become the breeding ground rat. The day more and more mice multiply the weekend is filled by rat-mouse.

Rat-mouse with the many stray in the weekend. Each house mouse-rat moves freely without feeling fear humans. Population in this weekend to try to defend the herd cats and rats is between them springe but not impressive because too many mice. They were really hard-hearted and die rationally how to eliminate the rat-mouse.

Musing overwrite the weekend has been widespread to-last weekend on the other until one day a young man who is not known to come to the weekend and offer respect to dispel all the mice with the requirements of these weekends to pay the wages of two top level chip wang mas everyone. Population in the weekend talking to each other over their bids before the youth. There diatara they do not agree because they are not able to pay wages that are very expensive. After talking with the length they ultimately agree to pay wages as required by the youth because they have no other choice.

The decision is to understand the youth before, and he issued a magic flute and blow it. The sound of the flute out of it is very tuneful and mengasik whoever heard of. Rat-mouse that is dimerata place in the first weekend is out and gathered around it. Youth before walking slowly while blowing magic flute and go to a river far from the weekend. When the young man on the river earlier and continue to enter all followed by a mouse. Rat-mouse yesteryear can not swim in the river and they suffocate.

Now Hamelyn weekend was free of attacks and the rat population will be happy with. When the young man earlier promises, residents are reluctant to pay the wages that were promised because they regard the work made by young people is not retroactive wage commensurate with the requested because only breathe with the flute only. Youth enraged ago before he menuipkan flute saktinya again. The rhythm out of the flute was very enticing a child all the children gathered around him. After all the children gathered earlier youth breathe while running and flute, followed by all children. Youth bring a child is out of the weekend Hamelyn. After Mother Father realize that they will lose their children, they begin to feel anxious because the child has left them and the youth line. Youth before they pursue and persuade rather than to stop blowing flute and return back their children. Merka afford to give all property yamg have provided these young people to return their children.

Population not in the petition by the beautiful young people before they bring a child to go kesuatu where and when they show up there a cave with a sudden. Youth mesuk to earlier in the cave and followed by a child. After entering all of sudden I was missing from the magical and the views of the weekend. They can not do anything because they ignore the promise they made. Merka regret over the deeds but they have been delayed. Regret regret income first and then not useful.

So this day weekend Hamelyn people do not forget the error dilalukan by their fathers. Fulfill a promise is a strong grip on the charity by the weekend Hamelyn so that the population today.