Make a gift of the daughter

In the days of old, a daughter living. His father is a king, a popular and very loved daughter is. Because the feeling that unfortunately, all the desire that their children will the board. If the girls ask for anything, then immediately gave his father the excess.

One day, the daughter asks for her father on the silk. Daughter's request was heard, the father immediately collect a silk merchant in the kingdom is, and one by one they put them in silk before, so the girls can choose easily.

At the time winter came, the daughter asks for spark ignition for the body. Simply collecting all the father carpenter is in the kingdom to collect firewood, They then light a fire, so that the body of the daughter is warm.

When the daughter wanted stars, then the father of the noble stone. They form a stone into the stars and a very beautiful sparkler.

One day, the girls walking in the palace garden. Suddenly he saw children who are poor gardener are flush flowers in the garden.

The girls look to the children gardener, and said, "Hey .., if you have any silk as I use this?", "Do you have a fireplace like that is in the house?", Ask the girls again, "And if you have the beautiful stars like this? You certainly do not have. Where can you get it all. You kan only child of a poor gardener. You do not have a father or brother of the king of princes. " Continue with the daughter proud.

Children gardener is still only hear the chatter and laugh, and the daughter does not respond. And since then, the girls often went to the park every day that he set out to have children in the gardener, and he will always say, "Do you have any silk as I use this?". "Do you have a fireplace like that is in the house?". "And if you have the beautiful stars like this?". "You certainly do not have. Where can you get it all. You kan only child of a poor gardener. You do not have a father or brother of the king of princes. "

And, children gardener is more and more silent and just smiled. He did not respond. However, at a time, he was responding to the attitude of the girls laughed and said, "Indeed ... I do not have a father and a king's brother does not have a prince ... I am only a child of poor gardener. I do not have silk as you use. I do not have a furnace, such as those in your room, and I also do not have a jewel like stars of your. But I have a very fine silk, I have fire red that does not sting, and I have a sparkler stars, all come together, and so one can walk together on the ground. He was far more beautiful from all that you have, in kind the child does not want to lose.

The girls surprised and astonished to hear children's speech gardener, and said in himself, "What is true is said that children gardener? He has a fine silk, red fire, which does not sting, and the stars sparkler, all of that into one and can be run together in the land? "Gumam the daughter. "While I have a silk, fire and stars that do not become one and can not run on the ground, and fire that have in house heat can burn and sting anyone who is nearby," thought the girl while brood.

Since the daughter heard the words of children gardener, he was always understand, and fancy a case such as that which is owned by the child's gardener.

Birthdays are close, and soon arrived. The grass on his father's daughter, "Father ... later years when I reset, I would like to gift a fine silk, fire, heat that does not sting, and the stars sparkler, all of that and so one can walk on land, the "fate of the daughter.

The king's great to hear whine ministry daughter and ordered to search for it. The minister also astonished and puzzled to hear the word of the king, and he requested an advisory opinion on the wisdom. Hear the words of the minister's also surprisingly wise, she thinks hard search query king answers. After long thinking, he said to the minister, "It is impossible that matter. May not have. Where there is fire, heat that does not sting? And very probably does not have silk, fire and stars come together so that one. Because the fire will burn the silk, and the stars will burn them. So what might all of them running together in the land? "The wonder of the ad visors.

The minister delivered what is said by advisers, and regret for not fulfilling the request of the daughter.

When the girls know that demand is not met, he fell ill and lie on the bed. He can not move with the light-footed as he always did when healthy. The panic and fear for the king to see the daughter's condition. Then he ask the physician to treat the palace daughter.

"Worship the king should be concerned about the circumstances of the daughter, because the pain will not can be treated meet demand with the exception," the palace physician advice.

The king confused the issue, he does not know what to do to meet the demand in order to recover from the daughter's illness.

Finally, the king created competition in all corners of the kingdom and the country. That its contents, who can meet the demand of the daughter will be given gifts of gold and a lot will be a prince.

All the people in the kingdom began to explore what is required by the daughter. Meanwhile, the kingdom of troops around from one place to another across the country with the same goal. However, they do not find what you want by the daughter.

On a night, children who are poor gardener before coming to the palace, and then deliver it to the palace guard that he had a gift for the daughter.

So the guard is immediately bring to meet with the daughter. Children gardener was smiling when I saw the daughter, and said, "Take this gift to the O daughter ...". Then he issued a cat petite and beautiful from the inside pocket he. And said, "Dogs like this feather him fine silk, talking like a red fire but does not sting, and his eyes glisten like stars. All gather and be a walk together on the ground. "

The girls laugh. He immediately took the cat, stroke feather him smooth as silk. He saw red as the talking fire, and he's eyes look beautiful and shine like stars in the sky shine off.

The girls hug and embrace the sweet cat he. The king is very happy to see the daughter was healed. Finally the king to give compensation to the children of the gardener and he was appointed as prince.