Princess SAADONG


Puteri said Saadong government ended in approximately the 18-century to, at the end of the end-of government does not directly referred to any good history book is also, even the stories from the oral-population country Kelantan is not found, I also satisfied exploring land overlooks Kelantan, to the village-a village in the remote and had to be menajalankan I also study at the hill where the flare end of Princess Saadong I met does not reside materials that can help mengesan circle the following history.

By the end of the King Abdul Rahim government that replaced the King Abdullah City in Mahligai and also the government in Bukit Puteri Saadong flare then appear in the government Jembal, namely the government of Sultan Umar (Umar King), this is the younger brother of the King Loyor, and the rank of the father's brother also to the Princess Saadong.

Government of this said, began in 1675, has some of the son and daughter, eldest son of the King called the dirajakan small Solong in the City Terrace (near the village of Kampung Teras Mentuan), a prince again called Raja Ngah Mightiness or also called the King Hudang ruled in the High Tebing vortex Fruit (Kampung Tanjung Chat), a daughter of Sultan Umar called Pah King has also berkahwin with Mr Big Long Bahar a son of the king who came from the Patani (in Thai land).

Mr Big on Long Bahar also according Activity cetera Kelantan written by Royal Highness Raja Kelantan Datuk Nik Mahmud bin Wan Ismail is the son of the eternal ataudisebut Datuk Pangkalan Old, king of the land that farmers zuriatnya come from the descendants of the children of King Bugis Paqih named Ali.

Tuan Besar Long Bahar have some relatives that is Solong Kelantan Tuan, Tuan Senik Genting and Datuk Sand Farmer. Because of a dispute by the family of Mr Long Bahar was to wander Negeri Kelantan brought together with a son named Solomon Long, Long, and in Kelantan for berkahwin also the daughter of Pah King Sultan Umar, and Mr Long Bahar move of opening a place to be Kota Kubang Labu name (in New Endowments now).

In year 1721 the Sultan Umar has mangkat Mightiness and this is also called the king held or Shrimp makamnya which there is this period in the paddy field area around &127; &127; &127; &127; approximately two-chain away from the school Kebangsaan Store Lowest fly, as well as Bahar kekanda Majesty the King who ruled Jembal the mangkat in the year 1675 the king held the tail makamnya there are now dikampung Tok goat, Mukim Often near Kota Bharu.

With the demise of Sultan Umar tomb of the eldest son of King named Small Solong the current rule in the City Terrace does not want to take over the government in the Jembal from ayahndanya, and also with the approval of iparnya ago was the younger brother of Mr Long Bahar became king in Jembal, and with Kota Kubang Labu was submitted to the government of a son named Solomon Long, the son of this is from the wife of the Patani.

When the government Jembal and also the government in the City of Kubang Labu surrendered to the government of Mr Long and son of Bahar berakhirlah one of the ranking of government comes from the sacred zuriat King who ruled Jembal, and is also ranked in the zuriat descended from Lord of the Long Baharlah rule Jembal Kota Kubang Labu also descended from the Great Long Tuan Bahar is also originally the kings who ruled Negeri Kelantan until now.

In 1977 and so on until years later that I had run the study on the fly around the Store that is located approximately 7 miles from the croupier Kota Bharu, in the village cemetery terletaknyamakam-Loyor King, which is ayahnda Princess Saadong, according to stories from people -villagers around I found that in a past when there are some people who came to Siam dig graves, the Siamese is kononya dreamed that the tomb is located sebilah keris which is considered sacred or have any supernatural power, so I was told once when disuatu there are people stealing serpihan stone nisannya made of marble stone, a few days and then returned back serpihan that, according to people who take serpihan that it is often a frightening dream disturbed.

Makam Sultan Umar Shrimp or trust also has some, this cemetery is located not far from Masjid Store fly, when I pay a visit to the tomb I find there is a large stone paving stone which is called adjacent to a cemetery, the people around the village have to believe that the stone have supernatural powers, along the stone three feet wide and two feet more or less, thickness about six inches (6 inches), which does not dare take any stone even though the stone hemah I made a very good wash cloth clothes I believe the stone is used to create binaan grave, may be not sufficient because the size of the left simply ago.

I've also pay a visit a cemetery in Kampung Tok Goat ie approximately sebatu fly away from the Store, the cemetery is known as the tomb of King or the King Ekor Bahar, there are grave binaan made of stone pejal, really interesting because there is a carving of terpahat , is carving depicts a bird (perhaps Bangau Birds) are very menghairankan because I usually do not describe the Islamic burial objects saperti living animal-animal.

Chisel-shaped bird that usually have influence-the influence of the north of the country, especially China (covering countries in the Indo-China), there is the King Ekor a king who comes from the Indo-China or maybe a stone tomb is in the deliberately be incused Chempa (Republic Khamer) in the time period is the first ever to become a kingdom of the time and the influence of Islam. This is a matter experts yng investigators must also run a more in-depth study of, seelok-eloknya review also kenegri-land in the Indo-China to see the tomb-Islamic graveyard in the first period there were many in the country, dapatlah comparison is made with the cemetery tomb-kings Jembal located in Kelantan, especially the tomb of King Ekor still mesteri.

Princess SAADONG killed because HUSBAND jealous.

Catitan Ibn Batutah about the country called Kilu-shade is less clear, both on location and also the country's style of government which is called the King Women Urd-uja that, is a very complicated matter that can dikesan by history experts.

With so little information that we can not give the words that drop out Kilu-awning that is the actual shade of Kuala Negeri Kelantan are in now, however even though this matter can be resolved if there are experts that history truly unique about the investigation these things.

From some of the information that is obtained based on the tale-tale from the old and the other catitan history, Negeri Kelantan is the act existed berteraskan the Islamic religion in approximately 15 to the early centuries, the king said at first that can be ruled Kelantan dikesan Maharaja is also called K'Umar or K'Umar King, the sire is about the year of our Lord 1411, does not know where the location of the central government, local history Some experts believe the government center is located on the island of Sabar, which is an island located in the middle river border with Kelantan in Kampung sea, the island was submerged.

After the government also appears K'Umar Sultan Iskandar, the end of the year 1465 BC destroyed by the War Forces Siam (Thai), and more kononnya of Kelantan has 100,000 people can be brought kenegeri thralled and Siam, it is not known about the fate king is there Mightiness mangkat in Siam or dihantar also home to Kelantan.

Approximately in the year 1477 BC a force of war Malacca ruled by Sultan Mahmud has come and attack the Kelantan, Sultan Mansur was the Sultan of Kelantan can thralled, as well as three-thralled third daughter of the Princess Unang brow, and Cuban Cubak. Unang daughter brow is the most graceful and diperisterikan by Sultan Mahmud Shah, the Sultan Mansur Shah after the claim is subject to the government of Malacca ago was appointed to be the sultan of Kelantan, Kelantan since the country as a colony dikira feudatory Melaka.

Sultan Mansur Shah mangkat in approximately the year of our Lord 1526, the son of the crest has been called the King appointed a government Kelantan, reside on the island of patience also, in the year 1548 King crest was not mangkat with meningggalkan zuriat, by the children of a brother named Raja Ahmad has been appointed into government Kelantan, title of Sultan Ahmad, according to some historical primer Sultan Ahmad has a very lovely daughter named Princess Cik Wan Kembang, and when the daughter of Sultan Ahmad mangkat again this is still small, and dill; antique aeorang children king of Johor who called the king of King Husain manage the title of Sultan Husain.

Sultan Husain who ruled Kelantan mangkat is told in the year 1610, with the then constituted Cik wan Kembang become Kelantan government. Raja Kelantan women said this move Sabar's Island to a place very far to be in the Mount Sailendra Love (located approximately 27 miles to the southeast Kuala sunblind).


Mightiness Why move so far from the Kelantan river canyon is one of the truly bizarre, usually the government of kings in the days of old is to select the places that border the river, because sungailah the road and into a relationship when it is important.

It should be also on the mind of the king that women place more peaceful and safe from what the outside interference, especially interference from the government once the Siam is considered teragung when the power is.

In the same period in the era of government Cik Wan Kembang, or merchant-traders in the Arab nations called Cik Siti (Cik Siti Kembang wan), then in Negeri Kelantan existed longer a government act which is in Jembal (Store now fly which is approximately 6 miles from the croupier Kota Bharu). king who ruled there Loyor son named Raja Raja Sakti who came from Kedah.

Some experts have argued that local history Loyor berkahwin King Namng Cayang with the king seoarang Pattani women who fled to Kelantan, the marriage of their daughter who obtain a given &127; name Saadong Princess, Princess Saadong this is then taken by Cik Siti Wan Kembang angkatnya a child, because of my own does not have any children. Daughter Saadong also berkahwin denban cousin named King Abdullah and King Abdullah has been appointed to be king in the place called Print (Pasir Mas in the colony). Not long there move King Abdullah also reside in the City Mahligai (Melor now in the Region).

After King Abdullah and Princess Saadong berkerajaan in the City Mahligai, then Cik Siti Wan Kembang was sit back in the Mountain Chicken, after it found no more stories about Cik Siti Wan Kembang Mightiness did move to another place or mangkat in place.

Memanglah one of which is difficult to mengesantentang position where semayam Cik Siti Wan Kembang actually, because the country's Kelantan terdapatdua fruit mountain called Gunung Ayam, a located approximately 17 miles west to the Cave of a wolf, mountain, at 2,945 feet, are located too dirimba far run a very difficult investigation, a more Gunung Ayam located near the border of Terengganu which is approximately 15 miles to the northeast of Kuala sunblind, mountain at 2674 feet, terletaknya too far away to the jungle. Gunung Ayam, which became a place of central government and Cik Siti Wan Kembang.

When I pay a visit graves of Mr Tabal or stem body Tuan Hajj Muhammad bin Abdul-I, a prominent developer of Islam in the country's famous Kelantan, who died in the year 1891 and dimakamkan and Banggul in the cemetery, the road to Pantai Cahaya Bulan (Beach passion ), I also was told by Encik Abdul Rahman bin Nik Dir Nik who guides me to the cemetery that is not how far from the graves of Mr Tabal, there is an old cemetery which is very pretty, built of stone and carved pejal also, graves are those Banggul The call Cik Siti, I also have grave, the conclusion of the study, I was not more grave suspicion is a grave of an old woman from the offspring of kings or great men, and sculpture on binaan makamnya sculpture that depicts almost persamaannya with burial in the tomb-jembal and also the graves in the cemetery-permakaman royal Langgar, there is the actual tomb Cik Siti Wan Kembang is one of the very interesting and need to be made a more thorough study.


Based on the burial ground Banggul I believe is a land of a very old cemetery, burial ground may have been used beratus hundreds of years past, in the graveyard Banggul it will also show us the various types of form-like stone that odd-odd and some are engraved and marked verses Quiran a very beautiful and interesting.

By the end of Cik Siti Wan Kembang dikesan that can not be at the end of his reign, the government of King Abdullah muncullah in the City Mahligai.

Government of King Abdullah in the year ended in 1671 when the sire mangkat killed by his wife Princess Saadong, and also constitute Saadong Puteri Raja Rahim child rule of King Abdullah City Mahligai. Not long after the reign of Raja Rahim and then also killed by the people at the Tasik Lelayang Bathroom. With the demise of King Rahim berakhirlah the government act in the City Mahligai.

Perhaps the story of Princess Saadong thralled and has long been to bring in Siam (Thailand) which is of the when-in violation of the Siam came Kelantan time they initially berkahwin and reside in the City Mahligai, after several years in Siam Princess Saadong, Mightiness in hantar back to Kelantan. Would terkejutnya Princess Saadong found that when her husband King Abdullah has berkahwin other, the validity of the tail itulh fracas and ended with the demise of King Abdullah pacak hairpin stab his wife.