Horror stories

Sengon tree is posted on the home tetanggaku grow very large and dense, high reached more than 15 meters, when didekati very creepy because root stick up and cracked skin, cracked not known, the age is very old, seen from beneath the stem on the already rotten.

Although very quiet, but no children who dare to play underneath because the elders they are haunted. Have many children who are directly or body temperature even possessed after playing underneath.

The owner of the house, of course, very concerned about and try to chop down trees, some trees are tebang carpenters, apparently they do not dare to declare, that brave and tried to chop off guling-rolled and then sick. So finally the owner's house with the tree pasrah it.

One son home owners who often come to practice meditation kerumahku and it bathin often complain that the coffee digelas who have not lived diminumnya was reduced slightly, he thought that his son may meminumnya. Akan but their children reject the claim that copies of his father. So he and his wife is very upset with this. Who has often kopiku this drink? ...........

Subject bathin meditation and then achieve it ketingkat meneropong kealam magical, starting with meneropong house and the surrounding circumstances. Son tetanggaku surprised to see this one that looks old is being haunted sengon dangle in trees and stare kearahnya. A black shirt terkancing not show the breast area, wear pants subordinates sarung linear sapphire .........

Watchman the haunted tree sengon

Membathin it in the heart: "Inikah watchman may sengon the famous tree is haunted?", Lined face visible because parents-wrinkle and looks hideous.

Akan but visible being that smile to him, and came near and said: "Do not be afraid, I just do not have this family as possible", and then going dialogue with the soul and confess Kong named Alim (*) from the Tanah Abang, he used to landowner the patriarch in the area of Rubber Tanah Abang, died some forty years ago to become a lost soul and it's up to the tree gentayangan sengon this.

(*) In the Betawi Engkong express grandfather is very old or people.

Increased dialogue is warm, and because of the start why he lost to gentayangan, making them highly visible terpekur and regret in the deeds, the water will be seen that dipipinya eye wrinkles and then said: "I used to be a champion in the Tanah Abang, so often Imam and dimasjid-mosque sermon, preaching all the time to give people very impressed pembahasanku up on the verses of the holy and kumunculkan, but it is not all teak myself, because I am fluent knowledge of the call leluhurku (nyurup science), I read not so clever Al-Qur'an, and only a little knowledge of religion. "


"The membuatku like this is a dastardly perbuatanku first, that is to kill people with the Dutch way of the pit stop and memancungnya bridge from behind, then take the property, should kulakukan face to face with the male, perbuatanku is incompatible with the teachings of my religion."

Back to regret in a very diwajahnya menyemburat is in between his eyes and wrinkles terpejam hold out longer airmata. Before this kuakhiri Dialogue, said he had to give tahuku that is home to the descendants of the family close ..........

Jump into this warm and also the discussion turns to answer questions on who indeed are often digelas coffee drink water every day .......

Akan tetanggaku but said that with the single-minded that he is willing make one extra glass for coffee every morning Kong Alim. I was impressed with keikhlasannya .......

Some time passed and the feeling rinduku those arising tuaku and Kuingin menjumpainya, then with his wife and daughters, akupun go to the people tuaku with the question dikepalaku Kong Alim who is ?......

Alim OF KONG Tanah Abang

Of course both very happy people tuaku see kedatanganku carry-grandchildren and grandchildren who disayanginya is warm and welcoming, especially to the more humorous sikecil-lucunya.

After the nostalgia and take pride in the kamipun chat-chat and relax kulontarkan question that since the wedge dihatiku: "Ma, Mama know what the Kong Rubber Alim's Tanah Abang?" My mother looks surprised to start this up a little outside the context of speech, and look mengerutkan keningnya try keep in mind.

Then he said slowly, "remembers Mama, Alim Kong is far from a brother and grandfather Mama very first as a wealthy landowner in Rubber. Until now many descendants still in there, Rubber, koq actually have what you ask."

With a bit doubtful fear My mother does not believe, kututurkan experience meneropong faerie who kulakukan with tetanggaku it. Glued mother heard a strange story kututurkan to him and then said: "Kasihan Kong Alim, who will think that he is still only rudimentary gentayangan and death, all people think he is a pious and religious."

Then the mother menyuruhku ask him how and requirements to be able to refine his death. My mother is willing to refine his brother still feel as though far away from Her grandfather. Menganggukan I understand the sign, and demand will do that.

HOW how to improve DEATH

In the meditation and it bathin we call again the next spirit Kong Alim watchman Tree sengon the mother to meet the demand ......

After prayers and a little courtesy, kulontarkan direct question to him: "Kong Alim, mother was to improve the kematianmu, how and what terms can I be?", Terpana Kong Alim start it up and try to see the seriousness heart.

After some time and then Kong Alim said: "Thank you kuucapkan up your mother's attention terhadapku and this is happening to me after kematianku "..........

Fetish, ISIM, implant, SCIENCE-SCIENCE difficult coming DEATH

Eleven days before I had finally ajal menjemputku, itupun after kulepaskan all the charm, and izim implant and occult sciences ditubuhku the nest, which had been tie down rohku remain world. I saw my family mourn jasadku the longitudinal rigid, is a scrawny kutinggalkan which has been, and I am running kealam mortal sin and the reward is done.

I saw some people who sholeh after some time running the perishable nature, and then cross over to the natural light on the glitter over it. I tried to jump cross but drop, kucoba again many times still drop again until the end perishable kealam I feel tired and pasrah accept fate.

PEOPLE ARE SHOLEH easily cross

I am very envious of those who sholeh that easily because they fly on kealam ride. Other and with the dead person's other very difficult and can not cross over to nature on a beautiful and fun. I am with the other forced to hang around and even disrupt gentayangan and seduce the human-human faith less firm.

So finally I decided to stay in the big tree sengon Menurutku that is suitable for me. The old anger and, of course, would not only expelled so go and give place to me, finally there were the fierce contention memperebutkan spots.

Because during my life I am a jawara, it can also end kukalahkan and kuusir previous watchman and kuancam that do not come back. I then bertahta inhabit Tree sengon replace it with a satisfied feeling.


Kuganggu people under the tree with melemparinya, or face appeared horrific deeds and other ignorant. Because the spirits of it do evil things like that to people for menakut-nakuti them. We call a man with a devil, demit, gandaruwo, Kuntilanak, wewe bat, and others mention the creepy, actually precisely, we are soul-do spirit.

Many also of our worship and ask for blessings for wealth, power, science and other pelet, which will cause them to be our janitor later when they die, without they realize, because the purpose of our search for such friends as much as possible to keep our mortal suffering dialam / Life.

Hear the story that started it repeatedly, kupotong with the requirements and ask how to cross over to the hold.

Alim Kong stupefied moment and then said: "I have dipotongkan two male goats for 'Aqiqahku with the terms of the goat must tanduknya long curve." Alim Kong and then tells why ask the animal goat ....

THE spirit BANYAK NAIK cross goats, cows, camels

I saw many spirits that cross over to the climbing goats, cows, camels and other. They are comfortable in animal-animal and fly kealam hold. Therefore kuminta animal goat that tanduknya long so easy I hold on to natural mengendarainya there. Alim Kong and then end the story.

"Okay Kong will kusampaikan to the mother to be implemented. Is there any other messages for the mother," I said to him.

Menerawang After thinking a moment, and then Kong Alim said: "Return to your mother, to protect the knowledge of families, homes and property as follows."

SCIENCE sophisticated fences coming

When science is applied, then if there are sneak into the house then he will feel as if fell into the water and will swim all night, wake up to the owner's house and menyadarkannya, but after realizing it was picklock stand posted on the house above ground. Or it will spin inside the house looking for the door, the exit is not found until the morning hours. And will also be able to protect his family from danger, danger.

Bacaannya of al-Ikhlas and paragraph Qursi course, read the mind memutari home 7x, or imagine that their families will be protected. Of course, with the ritual requirements that is fast and does not eat animal meat on certain days.

Kuterima science is to kusampaikan to the mother and deliver requirements. My mother apparently did not object to 'cut Aqiqah animal tails for the two goats Kong Alim who may be forgotten, so that death can be improved, and propose next week will be held in the home health Sukabumi.

Afternoon before Meditation bathin we do it again, mother's long-Sukabumi and said that cutting animals' Aqiqah was implemented well, accompanied by prayers from the jama'ah dimasjid (Tahlilan) for Alim Kong to be calm in kuburnya.

AFTER cross soul NOT to be contacted

Nighttime kamipun as previous attempts to contact the spirit through meditation Alim Kong to deliver a good news that the requirements have been met. Tried many times was also not successful until we finally give up and then decided to end our meditation .......

We wonder in the heart, what is happening, why we can not menjumpainya, where he is at this time, so that we can not menjumpainya. Suddenly my hand moved by itself as if I said this question, take a ball-point pen, and write the words "I have been across the bridge Sirotol Mustaqim and can not be found again, thank you for everything and ----------- ---- ", then only the visible and long tercoret ball-point-drop any of my hands ........

Alhamdulillah KONG HAVE BERHASIL cross Alim

Evening in the spirit mimpiku Kong Alim states to receive love, especially to our mother who has helped free from gentayangan dialam temporal and cross over to nature on the beautiful and brilliant, this time he is quiet and get a good place and good there. Of course the next day, mother and kutelepon convey this happy news, including all speech received a very sincere love.

Not that kuduga watchman sengon the tree house was also the last successful and has been quiet in kuburnya.

Back to the tree that was rotten sengon to dikuatirkan down because if the parents can menjatuhi home disebelahnya, after the incident with the tree at home easy tetanggaku that ditebang can occur without any issues as well, finally finished with the average land ........ .