Overcoming condense Glass Tips

Downpours of rain are very comfortable with the driving. Moreover, if the car AC dikendarai problems or death, so complete has been 'suffering' the driver.

When the rain, we will automatically close the window the car our meetings. Well, if we do not car AC works well when the rain, the glass window dew often, due to air pressure differences. As a result, the distance of approach to the future will run uninterrupted, because the glass front of the dew.

Mudik so that travel is not hampered due to this problem, can do some tricks to eliminate emergency fog in front of the glass. We can implement a way that is often made by public transport drivers, ie, by using hair shampoo, which of course we are very easy to find.

How is the smear liquid shampoo to the entire surface of the glass in secukupnya, because even if most can disrupt the vision. Also be mixed with water, because the surface of the glass that will be oiled run clear again.

Liquid shampoo containing chemical elements that can be flush sediment moisture, so that moisture due to heat in the cabin temperature can not stick to the glass surface that has been be oiled hair shampoo line. (automotive / bun)