Talaga Warna

Re-told by Renny Yaniar

Days of old, there was a kingdom in West Java. The country led by a king. Prabu, so people called it. He is the king of the good and wise. Not surprisingly, when the country was prosperous and peaceful. There are no hungry people in the country.

All very exciting. Unfortunately, Prabu and his wife do not have a child. That pairing is very sad kingdom. Prabu advisors suggest, to raise their children. But Prabu and the Queen does not agree. "Make our children uterus is better than the foster child," they respond.

Children that grow into adults, a high major. Therefore he is called by the name of Kebo Iwa, which means uncle buffalo.

Queen of wistful and often crying. Prabu was sad to see his wife participate .. Prabu Then go to the forest to be imprisoned. There are Prabu continues to pray, so that children are endowed with. Several months later, their desire terkabul. The queen was pregnant start. All the people in the kingdom is happy once. They overwhelm the palace with the prize.

Nine months later, the Queen delivered a daughter. Population of any small daughter back to send the various prizes. Babies grow into children that are funny. Dozen years later, he has become a beautiful teenager.

Kebo Iwa was all great. Reach legs very wide, so that he can travel quickly. If he wanted to drink, stay Kebo Iwa telunjuknya thrust to the ground. Well there were so small that removing the water.

Prabu and Queen dote daughter. Their daughter to give him any wish. But that makes it a spoiled girl. If it desires not met, the girls will be angry. He often said, even coarse. However, parents and people in the kingdom mencintainya.

Day pass, daughter grow into any girls tercantik across the country. In a few days, daughter will be 17 years old. So the population in the country to go to the palace. They bring a variety of gifts that are very beautiful. Prabu collected the gifts that very much, and save room in the palace. At times, he could use it for the sake of the people.

Prabu only took a little gold and jewel. He took him to the jewelry experts. "Please, make a very beautiful necklace for putriku," said Prabu. "It's my pleasure, Yang Mulia," respond jewelry experts. He then worked as may be d, with a vengeance. She wanted to create the most beautiful necklace in the world, because he dote Putri.

Birthdays also arrived. Residents gather in the country square palace. When Prabu and Queen came, held with the people happy. Rave the sound, when the daughter is beautiful graceful appear before all people. All the people admire the beauty.

Prabu ago rose from kursinya. The beautiful necklace is dipegangnya. "Putriku beloved, today I give this necklace for you. Necklet is the provision of people from across the country. They are very mencintaimu. They present this gift, because they grow so happy melihatmu adults. Wear this necklace, Nak," said Prabu.

Daughter to receive the necklace. Then he saw the necklace, at a glance. "I do not want to use. Necklet this ugly!" Putri exciting. Then he put the necklace. The beautiful necklace was broken. Gold and permatanya spread on the floor.

That's very surprising. No one shall presume, daughter will like that. No one shall speak. Tranquil atmosphere. Suddenly the Queen heard weeping. Tangisannya followed by all people.

Suddenly appear out of the water palace page. At first a small pond. Then the palace began to flood. Palace was filled with water like lakes. Then the lake and drown the big palace.

Now, the lake is called Talaga Warna. Lake is located in the area of the peak. On a sunny day, we can see the lake is full of beautiful colors and amazing. The color comes from the shadowy forest, plants, flowers, and sky around the lake. But people say, colors that come from the daughter necklace is in the bottom of pond.